These Guys Tried A $7, $17, And $777 Burger! What They Found Out Will Shock You!
Thousands Sign Petition Demanding for Veggie Burgers at In-N-Out
What Does A Slow-Mo Burger Drop Look Like In Real Time?The burger, easily one of America's most favorite foods!
Whataburger Or In n Out! Which One Is Better?Which one do you think is better?
A Burger Burrito Is Happening! Burger King To Offer The Whopperito!In an effort to compete with restaurants like Chipotle, on August 15 Burger King will begin offering the "Whopperito," which combines the delicious ingredients of a Whopper with the class and joy of eating a burrito.
Viral Video: Frisco Has A Burger Challenge For DFWCompliments of Kenny’s Burger Joint, two of the guys had to eat the El Jefe, a 7 pound burger.
In-N-Out Is Officially America’s Favorite Burger Joint, Says New StudyIt’s official, In-N-Out has been voted by Nielsen subsidiary The Harris Poll, as the clear winner of American's best burger.
Fort Worth Named One of the Best Burger Cities in America
New Burger Joint Will Give You A Discount For Enduring Life As A Ginger!
Rat Head Found In McDonald's Burger Shuts Down Store!A picture has gone viral after a man claims he found a rat head in his McDonald's burger.
People Don't Know These 10 Small Towns In Texas Have Amazing Restaurants
Wendy's Worker Arrested For Putting Her Discharge On A Woman's Burger

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