Woman Gives Birth In Line At Walmart But Insisted On Paying For Her Things First!This is something you don't see everyday!
Hospital Charges New Mom To Hold Her Baby After Birth!This is INSANE! They charged her to hold the baby!
Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant? You Be The Judge!Pregnant or just bloated? What do you think?
Mom Has Given Birth On The Same Day For The Last Three Years!These birthday parties are going to be crazy!
Women Over 40 Having More Babies Than Teenagers; First Time Since WWIIHave you noticed it’s not uncommon to hear of a celebrity giving birth at age 42 or 45. Maybe someone you know has done the same. Here’s a staggering stat …
Twin Sisters Give Birth At The Same Time On The Same Day!
Local Story About Babies Being Switched At Birth Is Crazy!
Newborn Mothers Claim Orgasms When Giving BirthMany women have claimed that giving birth is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling accomplishments of their life, however according to a new study, many claim that childbirth is also when they have their most powerful orgasm.
Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Had Their Baby Two Weeks Ago And No One Knew
You Can Now Get Over The Counter Birth Control
Anne Hathaway Just Gave Birth To A Little Boy And His Name Is Adorable!
Woman Names Her New Born Twins Donald And Trump!

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