Millennials Try The Big Mac For The First TimeWhat!!! How is it possible there are people out there who haven't tried a Big Mac?
Millennials Try A McDonald's Big Mac For The First Time: And It's HILARIOUS!Hard to believe, but not everyone has tried two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.
McDonald's Testing New "Grand Mac" and "Mac Jr." In DallasLast week, McDonald's held it's bi-annual convention with franchisees in Florida to go over plans to revitalize the brand.
Learn How To Make A Deep-Fried McDonald's Big MacYou know someone's going to steal this idea for the State Fair of Texas.
Someone Finally Did It: The Deep-Fried Big MacBecause everything is better fried. Everything.
Fight In McDonald's Drive-Thru Ends With Man Stabbed In ButtDon't cut in line, and don't get between a hungry person and their Big Mac.
McDonalds Has A Secret MenuMcDonalds has a secret menu?! So long, diet!
McDonald's New Menu Item: Calorie Info
U.S. Gold Medal Olympians Celebrate With Big Macs
Fast Food Fumbles

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