New "Hangover Free" Alcohol Is On The Way!Imperial College professor David Nutt has created a new type of synthetic alcohol which mirror all the "positive and sociable" effects of the real thing, all without the inevitable morning after hangover
Teen Fights Off Home Intruder With A Case Of Beer And Power Tools14-year-old Jesus Ceja was home with his father when a 25-year-old stranger entered the house looking for his aunt and uncle.
The New Barnes & Noble In Plano Is Going To Sell Beer And Wine!You can get your drink on while your browsing for a new book!
Need A Great Way To Beat The Texas Heat? Try This Drinking Game!How can we turn this massive heat to our advantage? Drinking!
Cookie Dough Ice Cream Beer Is Here!Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is partnering with Colorado's New Belgium Brewing Co. to create and distribute an ice cream inspired beer.
Barnes And Noble Opening Stores That Sell Beer And Wine!They are going to start serving wine and beer!
VIDEO: Learn To Chug Beer In A Ladylike Manner Chugging a cold one is oh so nice. Let KVIL help you learn.
Man's Finger Severed In Fort Worth BreweryThe MillerCoors brewery out of Fort Worth has been fined $77,000 after an employee had his finger cut off after certain safety measure had not been met with its equipment.
Bear Interrupts Golf Game To Drink A BeerPlaying a round of golf in Alaska comes with its own unique challenges.
Why Drink Your Beer When You Can Now Swim In It! No Really!!Bottoms up! If you love the sweet nectar of beer, then we have a vacation spot for you.
Houston Has One Less Reason To Hate DallasThe brewer recently erected a hilarious billboard on I-10 to let drinkers know one reason they can love their neighbors to the north.
Save Turtles By Drinking BeerSaltwater Brewery out of South Florida has developed an ingenious solution to the countless number of plastic alcohol rings thrown away inevitably harming the ocean life that swallow or get caught in them.

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