The Oscars Goodie Bag Comes In At A Whopping $250,000! WOW!How can we get our hands on one of these bad boys?
The Celebrity Gift Bags At The 2015 Oscars Are Insane
How Do You Feel About The Dallas Bag Ban?
Style Files: Adele Designs a Bag That Features Her Signature EyelashesThe large tri-colored leather bag in bordeaux, pink and red with multicolored resin studs on the side features a women's facial expression. But, lets be honest, all you're going to notice is the bag's large black and shiny eyelashes.
John Thinks Julie Gave Him A Used Gift BagAfter proclaiming her dislike for reused gift bag, John is pretty sure Julie gave him a used gift bag for Christmas.
Chanel Designer Defends His New Hula Hoop BagA handbag that looks like a hula hoop might seem like a ridiculous idea to the common person, but Chanel design honcho Karl Lagerfeld has defended it.
Kids Destroy House With Bag Of Flour
Look What Julie Did To Leigh Ann's Prada Bag

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