Britney Spears Says Doing Carpool Karaoke Was "Awkward"We thought it was awesome!
Courtney Stodden Shaves Her Head And Impersonates Justin Bieber!It's a little awkward to watch! LOL
Here Is Katy Perry's New Shoe Collection! Awesome Or Awkward?What do you think? Awesome or awkward?
Did You See The Green Diving Pool At The Olympics? This Is Why It Turned Green!This looks really bad!
Donald Trump Gives A Speech About The Economy And Says "Titties"OOPS!
Taylor Swift Awkwardly Tried To Avoid The Paparazzi (Video)Taylor Swift was leaving her gym and did her best to avoid any of those paparazzi trying to take a picture of her.
Daughter Caught In Crossfire Of Mom's Sexy Text MessagesThis is pretty close to every child's worst nightmare
George Bush Dances Alone On Stage At Police Memorial (Video)Former President George W. Bush began swaying to the music, hands firmly grasped to his wife Laura, and First Lady Michelle Obama, who remained motionless.
There Is Actually Pee In A Bunch Of Knock Off PerfumesThis is so gross!
MASSIVE Alligator Just Casually Strolls Across Golf Course!This is terrifying! OMG!
Blake Shelton Says His Relationship With Gwen Stefani Is Weird
This Weird New Pet Brush Has You Brushing Your Cat With Your Tongue!

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