Waze Will Help You Find The Best Parking SpotWaze is hands down the best traffic app out there. Since it's updated in real time, directly from the road via Facebook, it's incredibly accurate.
Here Is Where You Should Be Playing Pokémon Go In DFW!
Who Wants To Play Chardonnay GO?Ok, ok you're probably tired of talking about Pokemon GO. Sorry, this will be the last mention, I swear...maybe
Man Falls In Pond Playing Pokemon Go (Video)Because users must constantly look down at their phones while playing, a lot of accidents will occur, like this video from YouTube user Gragas The Rabble Rouser.
Kim Kardashian Just Pocketed $45 Million From Her App SalesFashion Designer. Social Media Mogul. Amateur Home Video Actress. App Developing Genius.
New Refrigerator Will Send You A Picture So You Know What You Don't HaveThis is the coolest refrigerator EVER! OMG!
Orlando Gunman Reportedly Sent Explicit Pictures To Other Men On Dating AppsIt's been reported that Omar Mateen apparently subscribed to several gay dating apps before he went on his rampage, well no information has surfaced that suggest he was more than a passive subscriber.
Facebook Removing Key Feature ForeverTo anyone who is a fan of Facebook's "notify" feature, we have some bad news for you.
Need To Lose A Couple Pounds? Try 'Sexercise' It's A Real Thing!
Domino's Introduces New "Zero-Click" App For Pizza DeliveryNow we can be even lazier!
App Makes You 15 Pounds Thinner in Your SelfiesThey say the camera adds 10 pounds -- or it used to anyway.
If You Have These Apps On Your iPhone You're At Risk Of Having Your Data Stolen!Hopefully none of these are on your phone!

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