You Have Been Lied To Your Entire Life About Alcohol!We have been lied to our entire lives!
New "Hangover Free" Alcohol Is On The Way!Imperial College professor David Nutt has created a new type of synthetic alcohol which mirror all the "positive and sociable" effects of the real thing, all without the inevitable morning after hangover
Study: Injection Reverses Compulsive Drinking, Alcohol DependencyFor anyone with an alcohol addiction, or who binge drinks, this could be life-changing. Scientists believe they are on their way toward developing an injection that could change the lives of millions. It’s a shot that would target and deactivate the brain pathway that links drinking and reward.
Chevy Chase Has Checked Into Rehab For Alcohol Related Issues!Chevy Chase has checked into rehab. We hope he gets the help he needs.
Japanese Nightclub Only Allows One Male Per Night, All Women Enter For FreeTakeji explains that he got the idea after seeing his club packed to the gills with male customers, and often crowded female guests who were just trying to dance and have a good time without being bombarded by unwanted advances.
A Fireball Cheese Cake Shot Is Exactly What You Need This Weekend!OMG! This looks AMAZING!
Man Hides Drugs From Police In His Foreskin While in police custody, a tiny bag of white powder began to "emerge" from his foreskin.
WE DID IT!! Applebees Extends Dollarita Deal Through August!Initially only available in July, Applebee's will now offer their dollar margaraita deals through all of August.
Watch This Bartender Pour 17 Jagerbombs At Once! (Video)You always tired of waiting for your bartender to pour all 17 of your shots one at a time?
Need A Great Way To Beat The Texas Heat? Try This Drinking Game!How can we turn this massive heat to our advantage? Drinking!
Family Fears Paris Jackson, Daughter Of Michael, Could Be RelapsingThe 18-year-old daughter of the King of Pop is reportedly heading down a terrible path, and her family fears the worst.
Spanish Company Develops Blue Wine; Available To U.S. In OctoberThe men behind the bright cobalt blue wine claim to have no wine-making expertise, they are just trying to do something "fun" and "different."

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