Woman Does Yoga In Her Plane Seat And The Guy Next To Her Never Wakes Up!How did the guy next to her not wake up!
Love Field Named TripAdvisor's Choice Favorite For Dining!We have always loved Love Field!
Delayed by Delta? You Can Ask For Way More Concessions Than You Think!So far the airlines have offered vouchers, flight change fee waivers and hotel rooms if available, but you can always get more!
This Idiot Is Watching A 9/11 Video Right Before Taking Off On A Flight, See The VideoThere's nothing that could make passengers more anxious or nervous as a man who is deliberately watching a 9/11 video on a plane right before it takes off.
This Woman Was Stopped From Boarding An Airplane Because Her Shorts Were considered 'Inappropriate'
BREAKING NEWS: Bomb Squad And FBI are called to LAX after threat is made From Flight Arriving From HoustonIt is not clear if any device was found on board the plane.
Breaking News Update: Egyptian Flight MS804 Reported To As Shot Down, Debris FoundIt's reported that the plane made evasive maneuvers in attempts to avoid a missile.
Prince Tribute in New OrleansRIP Prince, what an awesome tribute
People On Airplanes Are Just The Worst #PassengerShamingHas anything like this ever happened to you?
World's Fastest Airplane Will Get Us to London in Half the Time (PHOTO)This new GORGEOUS supersonic plane is scheduled to be released next year and is (sort of) affordable.
Guy Learns He Is Having A Baby Over An Airplane PA SystemHis reaction is priceless!
This Is What It Looks Like To Fly Into The Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded

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