Director Kevin Smith Defends His 17-Year-Old Daughter Against Internet TrollsWhat would you do if someone called your daughter "ugly" or hoped that she ended up like "Lindsay Lohan and dead"?
Justin Bieber Gave Zac Efron Career Advice! Really?Now this is hilarious! Ellen must have got to Justin!
Donald Trump Had Some Weird Advice For Daniel Radcliffe (Video)Donald Trump gave an 11-year-old Daniel Radcliffe some advice that has stuck with him for all these years.
14 Lies We All Believed In Our 20'sCosmopolitan has put together a list from a recent Reddit thread of 14 "lies" that surely would have been nice to know back in our 20's.
The 2 Things You Need To Be Financially Free
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens': Movie-Going Advice From An Average DJNo spoilers here...we promise.
22 Ridiculously Outdated Dating AdviceI use to think that dating in this era was bad
Michelle Duggar Is Giving Sex Advice Now!! Would You Take Her Advice??
Four Questions Women Should Ask Before MarriageGood, common sense advice here. As my dad says, ‘there’s nothing so uncommon as common sense.’
10 Worst Ways To Breakup With A WomanBreaking up is hard to do, no matter how long or short the relationship lasted. You always end up hurting someone’s feelings, and for most of us, that is not something we look forward to. And although there is never a best or easy way to end a relationship, there are certainly bad ways to end it.
Kim Kardashian West Issues A Warning To Bruce JennerSo far she's been supportive of her step-father.
This 109-Year-Old Women Says The Key To Living Long Is Avoiding Men

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