People Are Losing Their Minds Trying To Find The Mistake In This Whole Foods AdCan you find the mistake in this ad?
San Antonio Mattress Store Mocks 9/11 In “Twin Tower” Television CommercialWell this is about the worst thing we have ever seen. It's absolutely disgusting, and everyone involved should be completely ashamed of themselves.
Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, And Serena Williams Star In A New Nike Commercial!This new commercial is AMAZING!!
Gap Ad Features Albert Einstein's Name... MisspelledA new ad for a Gap kids’ t-shirt features Albert Einstien. Clearly they’re following the 'i before e’ rule.
What Do You Think Of Calvin Klein's "Upskirt" Ad Campaign?
John McCain's Son Tells Twitter Racists To "Eat It" After Comments On Old Navy's Interracial AdHave you seen Old Navy's latest ad? The one that 's causing all the Twitter hate over an interracial couple.
New Valentine's Day Add Has People All Kinds Of Flustered!
Donald Trumps First Presidential TV Ad Is Out And It's Intense!
This Company's Black Friday Ad Is Appalling.Assault jokes usually aren't funny.
"Taste The Bush" Wine Ad Banned In England! Bet You Can't Guess Why!
DJ Makes Public Plea To Madonna Via Newspaper AdInsert "Desperately Seeking Susan" joke here.
His Girlfriend Wanted His Dog Gone So He Posted The Greatest Craigslist Ad EVER!

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