Man Has His Junk Amputated After Having Freak Accident With A Bottle!This is crazy! Poor guy!
Lindsay Lohan Loses Half Her Finger In Boating AccidentLindsay Lohan shared a video on her Snapchat that shows the actress had a little accident while out on a boat.
Good Friend Of Pitcher Jose Fernandez Sent Eeriest Text Just Before Fatal Boat AccidentThis text is crazy! This breaks our hearts!
Three Motorcyclists Injured After Crashing Into Previous Wreck On I-30Three motorcyclists were injured riding on Interstate 30 early this morning after colliding with wreckage from a previous collisio
Police Officers Saves Man Trapped In Burning Car And It's All Caught On His Body CameraOfficer Dan jumped into action and risked his own life to save the man.
Watch This Arsonist Sets Himself On Fire While Trying To Burn Down A Building!This is instant karma!
Josh Duhamel "Accidentally" Smokes Weed On Movie SetOn the first day of production of the upcoming movie Spaceman, Josh Duhamel's character was scripted to roll a joint and smoke it. Duhamel did just that, except the weed he used was actually real.
Woman Parks Her Mercedes On Top Of A Ferrari! OOPS!Can you imagine parking your car on top of a $300,000 Ferrari? OUCH!
Kris Jenner Suffers Broken Wrist In Car Crash With A PriusJenner was driving her white Rolls-Royce along the 101 Highway when she collided with a Prius.
Man Gets Shot In The Neck By Flaming Arrow On America's Got Talent (Video)While his act was certainly death-defying, we don't know how impressed the judges were.
Cowboys Bus Involved In Fatal Accident En Route To Training Camp Leaving Four DeadWhile en route to Vegas, one of the Cowboy's official team busses collided with a van on U.S. 93 in Arizona, and the collision resulted in the death of two adults and two teenagers who were in the van at the time.
Watch Jay Leno Flip Over In A Car Crash!This is what happens when two old men get in a car together.

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