Baby Getting Jealous Every Time His Parents Kiss Has Gone Viral!This is hilarious! We love this little guy!
Amy Schumer Was On The Kiss Cam And Of Course It Was Hilarious!Amy Schumer was on the kiss cam and she made the most of it! LOL
The New Hershey Kiss Flavor Will Blow Your Mind!Why didn't they do this sooner? This sounds amazing!
Toddlers Kiss For The First Time And Can't Stop Giggling!This is adorable! They can't stop giggling!
Adele Kisses A Fan On Stage, Both Freak Out (Video)Adele is freakin awesome. She's gorgeous inside and out, and proved it on stage during her Vancouver performance.
Today Is International Kissing Day, See The Best Places To Share A Romantic Kiss In DFW
Texas Rangers Play A Different Kind Of GameThe Texas Rangers Triple Play Event Is A Night Of Games And Music
Gene Simmons Says Brutal Hip-Hop Comments Weren't 'Mean-Spirited'Earlier this year, Gene Simmons said he eagerly awaits the "death" of hip hop. He now says the comments weren't "mean-spirited."
Paul Stanley Apologies for Gene Simmons' Prince CommentsStanley offered an apology for his bandmate Gene Simmons who stirred up controversy by calling Prince’s death “pathetic.”
Subway Prince Session Rocks the Rails
This Is The Real Reason We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss
KISS Members' New Restaurant Opening In The Colony This MondayWe were made for lovin' this.

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