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Adele's "25" Album Is Smashing Records, But What Does That Mean?
VIDEO: There's No Escaping Adele's "Hello"!We must've watched this a thousand times...
VIDEO: Lionel Richie Calls Adele To Say 'Hello'; Adele Hangs Up On HimApparently Lionel Richie wanted to call to congratulate Adele on the new hit, but Adele was not having it.
Adele Drops New Single & Video For 'Hello'
Taylor Swift’s 25th Birthday Celebration!
Did Adele Just Announce Her New Album '25' On Twitter?It was just Adele's birthday and she turned 26. But in a single tweet, the singer has started the internet's gears grinding for a 25 album.
Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25

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