Doing Things By Yourself

There are people who go out with friends, family, or a significant other, and then there are people who go out and do things by themselves. After Buzzfeed recently posted in favor of going to the movies by yourself, we had to share about going out by ourselves.

Going Out Alone - Part 1

131893752 Doing Things By Yourself
103.7 KVIL

Julie goes to the movies by herself all the time, but her true joy is going to the grocery store childless. It’s like going to the spa. One time, she dropped Emma off at an hourly daycare to go to Kroger. She was happy and singing along with the store music when the daycare called to ask her to pick up Emma. Apparently, Emma was having a meltdown that was disturbing the other children. Julie had a meltdown of her own in the middle of the store.

Going Out Alone - Part 2

103.7 KVIL

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