SPOILERS: The Game Of Thrones Moment Everyone Is Talking About


If you didn’t see Game of Thrones last night (like our webmistress Leslie who is still watching Season 3), you might not want to continue.

Game of Thrones SPOILERS

479432735 SPOILERS: The Game Of Thrones Moment Everyone Is Talking About
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Everyone is talking about the newest death on HBO’s Game of Thrones. In a show where anyone could be killed in the most horrible ways imaginable, it seemed odd that the worst of them all escaped any horrors until now. Are you ready?

King Joffrey is dead.

At his own wedding feast, Joffrey drank a poisoned cup of wine. In the midst of his flailing, he managed to point in the direction of his uncle Tyrion Lannister who was examining the cup that held the wine. Cersei calls for his arrest as Joffrey dies in her arms looking very gruesome indeed.

CNN already has a run down of the potential suspects in Kings Landing’s own royal murder mystery. Who done it? Does anyone care? Joffrey was kind of a brat, to put it mildly. Good riddance.


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