When We’ve Met Celebrities

Our Celebrity Freak Outs 3-24-14

Over the weekend, Julie had a fun encounter. Ashley Judd was in town filming for her new show “Salvation,” and just happened to be filming in a grocery store near Julie’s neighborhood. Julie picked up her girls from school and headed to the grocery store to see if they could meet Ashley Judd.

As it turns out, just as they walked in, they were about to start rolling on a scene, one of the crew invited Julie’s daughters to put on some headphones and watch the scene from a monitor behind the scenes. Very cool! On their way out, they did see Ashley Judd, but it was obvious that Ashley saw the happy fangirl look on Julie’s face because she turned around dashed back inside the store.

We shared a ton of great stories of encountering celebrities. Check out our stories of the coolest celebs we’ve met.

Coolest Celebs We've Met 3-24-14


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