Zazza & Julie Award Trinity High School Head Custodian Charles Clark With Hope For Humanity Award

Hope For Humanity - Charles Clark 2-12-14

There are people who keep their noses down and go about their business, and then there are the people who actively seek to reach out and invest in the lives they touch on a daily basis. Today, we wanted to honor a man who is touching the lives of students in a unique way.

Trinity High School’s head custodian Charles Clark doesn’t just keep the school pristine. Rather than talking to teachers or guidance counselors, students seek out Mr. Clark to ask for advice, wisdom, and help. He’s like the grandfather to the entire student body. When students fight, principals and teachers step out of the way to let Mr. Clark sort out the students in a peaceful, fatherly manner.

John, a Trinity alumni, remembers stories of Mr. Clark helping students. He even went so far as to take students to visit colleges out of state to make sure they had encouragement to stay on the path to success.

We are happy to award Charles Clark with the Zazza & Julie’s Hope For Humanity Award. We salute you, Mr. Clark!


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