Bribing Your Kids In Life

Bribing Kids In Life 2-10-14

Julie might be finding herself borrowing money from her kids before too long. In order to encourage her youngest daughter Lucy to do well in basketball, Julie has begun to bribe her with money to get after the ball and try to shoot baskets.

This weekend, Julie realized that Lucy in taking her mom for a ride. It seems as if Lucy and recruited the best player on the feed to throw her the ball so she can try to shoot baskets and make money. Julie almost had to fork over nearly $50 if she hadn’t caught on to the scam.

Tony and John think Julie has set herself up for disaster. John bribes his daughter to do well in soccer, not with money, but with snowcones. It doesn’t matter how many times she tries to take a shot, she’ll get one snowcone at the end of the game. The incentive is still there, but capped at the budget-friendly price of a snowcone.

Bribing Kids In Life Cont'd 2-10-14


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