Weird And Random Things We Do For Our Significant Others

Weird Things We Do For Our Sig Others 2-4-14

Earlier this morning, we had a She Mail from a woman who styles her husband’s hair every morning. It wouldn’t be so strange if she was actually a hairstylist and not a stay-at-home mom, but it got us talking about some of the random and weird things we do for our significant others.

Julie likes to give her husband foot rubs. He loves it so much. That’s not strange, but Julie told us about a dental hygienist she knew that flossed her boyfriend’s teeth every night.

Tony’s is just plain gross! He won’t do this on himself, but he loves to pop pimples on other people. Pretty sure that the whole studio collectively cringed.

We had some really weird calls as well. Listeners confess that they love clipping their significant other’s toe nails, cleaning out their ear wax, and picking their boogers out.

Weird Things We Do For Our Sig Others Cont'd 2-4-14


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