Newborn Gets Big Game Inspired Name

Big Game Baby Name 1-30-14

It’s not usual for parents to name their children for favorite celebrities or characters. It’s also not unusual to be saddled with an extraordinarily unique moniker. However, one Seattle couple were so inspired by the Seattle Seahawks making it to the Big Game, that they honored the occasion in the name of their newborn daughter, according to Huff Post.

Seattle Seahawk fans are known to be the rowdiest in the NFL and have been given the Aggie-like collective nickname, “The 12th Man”. This nickname inspired a portion of this baby girl’s middle name.

Just what is her name, you ask? Cydnee Leigh 12th Mann.


Of course, we couldn’t let this discussion pass without hearing some of the unique names that people have been named after.

Julie’s dad was a dentist and had a customer named Placenta.

Tony talked about a family in Chicago that named their son Wrigley Alexander Fields. He also found a teacher whose name is Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer, and she kept her name that way.

Big Game Baby Name Cont'd 1-30-14


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