VIDEO: Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore Stops Guy Trying To Run Through Live Shot

Jim Cantore vs Videobomber 1-29-14

The internet is littered with videos of live news reports being interrupted by video-bombers. We laugh at the video-bombers and we laugh at how distracted the reporters get by the interruptions.

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore recently had an encounter with a rambunctious student while doing a live weather report from a college campus. In the middle of his report, a cry like George of the Jungle comes from off camera as the student comes running in. Without missing a beat, Cantore knees the kid where it counts, turns, sends the kid out of the shot, and finishes his live report.

Jim Cantore vs Videobomber Cont'd 1-29-14

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there. One report was so fed up with people interrupting his live shots, that he decided to get even. He set up a camera at an auto show to catch camera wavers.


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