Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Go Glamping

Glamping With Bieber And Selena 1-9-14

There is “camping,” and then there is camping. Camping is sleeping in a tent under the stars, building a campfire, and temporarily foregoing modern amenities; in other words, roughing it. If you’ve got the money or happen to be friends with a rap star, you can borrow his $2million camper bus and drive it to an RV park, ride around on segways, bounce on a trampoline, and call it “camping.”

That is not really camping, it’s “glamping.” Glamorous camping, and it’s how Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez recently spent some quality time together.

According to TMZ, the pair borrowed Chris Brown’s palatial camper with the luxurious master bedroom, kitchen, and entertainment system and “camped” out by the beach near Santa Cruz, Calif. They tooled around the campgrounds on segways and jumped on a trampoline. That’s right, their feet barely touched the ground.

Tony says that this is his prefered method of camping. None of this, sleeping on the ground and going to the bathroom in the woods nonsense.


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