Zazza and Julie Recap 12-26-13

Happy Day After Christmas! Time to get back to the daily grind. Here’s what we covered this morning:

Women Pay More For Certain Items And Services Than Men

Women are getting an unfair overcharge over men for comparable products and services. Check out where women take a hit in the pocketbook!

Women Pay More 9-19-13

Our Favorite Cold Weather Activities

With the possibility of snow in the forecast, we shared our favorite snowy weather activities.

Favorite Cold Weather Activities 11-19-13

She Mail: Drugging Kids On Long Drives

This morning, Julie took on the issue a woman has with parents who drug their children on long car rides.

She Mail - Drugging Kids On Long Drives

She Mail - Drugging Kids - Responses

5 Things That Parents Should Stop Saying To Non-Parents

A few things that parents need to stop telling non-parents about the joys of parenting.

5 Things Parents Should Stop Saying To Non-Parents 7-15-13

Britney Spears’ Music Scares Away Somali Pirates

Britney Spears’ music scares away pirates. We talked about the songs that would make us run away too.



Zazza & Julie Throw Down Mad Rapping Skills

We were inspired to bust out our rap skills after hearing Sandra Bullock rap on a recent talk show.

Zazza & Julie's Rap Skills 10-18-13

Zazza & Julie's Rap Skills Cont'd 10-18-13

Trips Every College Student Should Take Before Joining The Working World

Here are 7 trips every college student should try and take before joining the workforce after graduation.

Trips To Take After College 10-24-13


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