This Weekend’s Winter Storm Needs A Better Name

(Photo by Tom Lynn/Getty Images)

(Photo by Tom Lynn/Getty Images)

Winter Storm Needs A Name 12-4-13

Oh, the weather is about to be pretty frightful this weekend. With a winter storm and lows in the teens set to send all of us Texans cowering under warm blankets for the weekend, we decided the storm needs a name.

The National Weather Service has begun naming winter storms like they name hurricanes, but those are kinda meh. Seriously, the Weather Channel reports that the winter storm heading our direction is named Cleon. Where did that name even come from?

Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon are starting to be overused. When Julie suggested “Whitey Blow 2013”, we knew we’d need some help coming up with names. Please give us some of your suggestions for a name to the oncoming storm.

Winter Storm Needs A Name Cont'd 12-4-13


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