When Your Kids Are Hazard To Your Health

Kids Injuring Adults 11-5-13

For all the joy they bring into your life, kids can be a hazard to your health and safety. This morning, Tony shared the story of a friend who has an eye patch to prove his kid is dangerous.

Tony’s friend travels a lot and brings planes home for his 3-year-old son. He was on the floor playing with his son and the new Hot Wheels metal toy planes he’d given his son. The boy picked up the plane and launched it into flight, and it flew into the dad’s eye.

We shared more stories about how kids have caused adults injuries. John’s son Grayson loves to vacuum. He loves it so much they gave him a toy vacuum. He runs around with it, and John says you’d better have shoes on as Grayson won’t stop for toes. He’ll mow right over them.

Julie’s daughter Lucy has what Julie calls a “bowling ball head” as it’s so hard. Julie has gotten whacked by her daughter more than once. Tony was once the child causing the injury. He had a stuffed San Diego Chicken and a man came up to him to see the stuffed toy. When the man grabbed the chicken, Tony hauled back and kicked the man in the shins with the cowboy boots he was wearing.

Kids Injuring Adults Cont'd 11-5-13


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