‘Breaking Bad’ Is Not Over Quite Yet, Thanks To Colombia

Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Sony has announced that Breaking Bad isn’t over just yet. The company will be bringing a Spanish Language version of the show, Metastasis, to Colombia, and other Latin American Spanish-speaking markets.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting, that the show will star Walter Blanco, you can see a picture of him HERE, a chemistry teacher who starts cooking Crystal Meth.

Other characters included in the Colombian version are Jose (Jesse Pinkman), Cielo (Skyler White), and brother-in-law narcotics agent Henry Navarro (Hank).

Angelica Guerra, Sony Pictures Television senior vp and managing director of production for Latin America and U.S. Hispanic market had this to say about the new series, “Breaking Bad is a fantastic series that wasn’t widely seen in Latin America, partly because cable doesn’t yet have full penetration in the region. There is a universality to the story and its characters that we recognized could work very well.”

However true Breaking Bad fans may be a little offended by the disappearance of the show’s iconic RV. “Motor homes are not popular in Colombia,” Guerra says, “so audiences will see Walter and Jose cooking up their first several batches of methamphetamine in an old, barely drivable school bus.”

What do you think should Sony make different language versions of Breaking Bad, or just leave the masterpiece alone? Let us know int the comments below.


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