Bobcats Keep Showing Up In Frisco; Causing Concern For Residents

By: Carol Cavazos,

FRISCO (CBS 11 NEWS) – Frisco residents are on alert after yet another bobcat was spotted in a neighbor’s backyard.

The area around Highway 121 and Legacy Drive is home to expensive homes and thriving businesses. It’s also bobcat territory.

One Frisco homeowner, who does not want to be identified, has encountered 10 of them in her own backyard. That’s 10 different bobcats on separate occasions in one backyard.

“This is a travel path that any bobcat in the area is going to come through,” said Cliff Moore.

Moore owns a company, Animal Services Incorporated, that captures these cats.

He says the homeowner is worried about her grandchildren.

Moore captured the female bobcat found in her backyard Tuesday morning.

It looked hungry.

“It should weigh eight, nine, ten pounds more than it does,” he said.

Frisco, Moore says, has been taking a thousand acres of its hunting grounds every year for development.

“And a bobcat needs about 3,000 acres per bobcat,” he said.

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