New Website Tries To Pair You With Your Face Mate

Feel Like Dating Your Twin?
108111464 New Website Tries To Pair You With Your Face Mate

Jonathan Kitchen/Getty Images

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “I would love to date someone who looks like that!” Well a new website Find Your FaceMate can help you out with that.

According to the website, the visual portion of the brain signals our unconscious to be innately drawn to people with features like ours.

“There are visual cues conveyed to the brain, which manifest as a neurological function. The optic nerve transmits the received visuals to the cerebral cortex where nerve cells communicate with one another. Scientists have confirmed the special facial recognition feature in the brain that responds selectively to faces; proving that faces are unlike all other stimuli,” thew website states.

The website even links out to several different accredited research studies to back there claims.

But how does Find Your FaceMate work you ask? Just log on to Find Your FaceMate and upload your photo.

Then Find Your FaceMate employs their “sophisticated facial recognition software” and a “proprietary algorithm” to identify your ideal partners.

It’s just that simple. Though you have to wonder what kind of narcissistic ego maniacs are drawn to a site like this.

But if your interested you can sign up HERE.


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